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Today is the day - Opening of "Boy with a Suitcase" in Mannheim

After two mothsn of rehersals in Nrityagram and Mannheim, we are opening "Boy with a Suitcase" today at Schnawwl in Mannheim.

Read more about the play, the crew and the background in our online programme brochure here.
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press coverage

Some Bangalore press coverage form our rehearsal time Nrityagram.


last week of rehearsals

Mannheim is exploding with flowers and fresh greens leaves - spring is tranforming the city and our lives. While one day the Indian team asks for winter clothes in Evi's costume fundus, the next day Kirtana walks around in her pyjamas, because its has become so warm/hot she does not know what to wear. It must have been the first end of march bikini day in many years, but it was.

We have entered the last week of rehersals with the costumes and since today light design. Form tomorrow onwards, there will be some public rehearsals and a lot of fine tuning to be done.

Shrunga can read German from a newspaper now and it sounds like German. Pallavi is performing one scene in the play in German. The two of them are defenitely "Sprachgenies".

The poster is ready and plastered all over the city. 

We are almost good to go!