Rehearsals for "Boy with a Suitcase" starting soon..

As the last part and grande finale of the "Do I Know U?" theatre partnership, Schnawwl and Rangashankara are producing the play Boy with a Suitcase by British writer Mike Kenny as a joint production with an Indo-German cast. The production stars the Schnawwl actors Nikolai Jegorow, David Benito Garcia and Simone Oswald next to Pallavi MD and Shrunga BV from Bangalore. (see blog header for a photo of the actors).

The story is that of a 12 year old war refugee, who undertakes a long and dangerous journey to be with his sister in London. He carries with him only a small suitcase and a treasure of stories from his childhood.
Like his hero, Sinbad the Sailor, who went on many dangerous voyages in search of his fortune, Naz must travel half-way around the world to reach his sister in London. On the road, Naz meets Krysia, a young girl in similar circumstances, who helps him find safe passage over mountains, across seas and through the dangers of a city slum. With the help of Krysia and his stories, Naz finds his way to London and his sister. But is it the ‘heaven on earth’ that he expects?
A gripping narrative of adventure and stories, Naz’s journey also throws a spotlight on the real dangers faced by children who have to migrate alone today. You would imagine there’s not much room for laughter in this production but writer Mike Kenny has elevated this story with humour and spirit. 


Pallavi Arun is a "beautiful thinker"

Pallavi will be acting in the upcoming Schnawwl and Ranga Shankara's co-production of the English play "Boy with a Suitcase". But today she is a "beautiful thinker"
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