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23 Jun 2011

Last show of Boy in Ranga Shankara

After seven sold out shows for the public and seven equally full school shows, the Boy with a Suitcase packed his case for the last time in 2011 yesterday at Ranga Shankara. The feedback from audiences has been incredible and overwhelming for all of us.

Thanks, Bangalore audience, you were amazing!

17 Jun 2011

Boy opened in Ranga Shankara

Yesterday night "Boy with A suitcase" opened in Ranga Shankara to an enthusiastic audience. In my 11 years of watching Indian theatre and Indian audiences I have not seen such an applause with standing ovations, whistles and shouting. Wow. Three school shows ran prior to the opening to get used to the different stage and size of the auditorium. Schnawwl is an intimate space, the ceiling not being very high, where as Ranga Shankara is steep and large. We are happy. More shows, tiwce daily till 23rd.

13 Apr 2011

short snippets of Boy on German Television

9 Apr 2011

Today is the day - Opening of "Boy with a Suitcase" in Mannheim

After two mothsn of rehersals in Nrityagram and Mannheim, we are opening "Boy with a Suitcase" today at Schnawwl in Mannheim.

Read more about the play, the crew and the background in our online programme brochure here.
note - you might need to get used to the online reader, you can enlarge the text if needed:

4 Apr 2011

press coverage

Some Bangalore press coverage form our rehearsal time Nrityagram.